Happy Diwali Wishes, Hindi Quotes, Sms, Msgs

Say Happy Diwali to your dear ones with the best collection of Happy Diwali Wishes in Hindi & English both. This year Diwali is celebrated on 27th Oct in India. Diwali itself a synonym for Lights, Happiness, colors, love, affection. On Diwali, Lord Shri Rama returned to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana. Hence people of Ayodhya lit up lamps to welcome Lord Ram to home. People decorating their houses with clay diyas, lights and beautiful rangolis in front of the house, burst crackers, send Diwali wishes to each other.

Happy Diwali Wishes 2019 Shayari, Hindi Quotes, SMS, Msgs

diwali wishes

The Festival of Diwali is one of the very big festival of India. It marks the victory of Triumph of truth over evil. For this purpose we are presenting some Special and Awesome collection of Best Happy Diwali Wishes 2019 in Hindi, Happy Diwali Sms in English, Happy Diwali Quotes, Happy Diwali Messages, Happy Diwali Status for Whatsapp & Facebook, Happy Deepavali Sms 2019.


Best Happy Diwali Sms in Hindi 140 Character


रोशन हो दीपक और सारा जग जगमगाये
लिए साथ सीता मैय्या को राम जी हैं लाये
हर शहर यूँ लगे मानो अयोधया हो
आओ हर द्वार हर गली हर मोड़ पे हम दीप जलाये

Shubh Deepavali 2019



Special Happy Diwali Wishes in English, Diwali Status


It’s the “Festival of Lights” today,
It’s again the day of Diwali,
It’s time to dress up folks,
It’s time to adorn the thali.

Wish You Very Happy Diwali



Happy Diwali Shayari in Hindi | Happy Diwali Wishes Sms


Diyon ki roshni se jhilmilata aangan ho,
Patakhon ki goonjo se aasman roshan ho,
Aisi aaye jhoom ke yeh diwali,
Har taraf kushiyon ka mausam ho……!!!!

Diwali Ki Shubh Kamnayein


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Sweet Happy Diwali Messages for Friends & Family

The gorgeous festival of snacks and sweets
Everyone enjoying a royal feast
When old and young with delight meet
And with love and affection do all hearts beat.

Wishing You Happy Diwali



Cute Happy Diwali Quotes in Hindi | Poems on Diwali in Hindi

Happy Diwali Wishes in English


Diwali k deepak jag-magaye apke aangan me,
Saat rang saaje es saal aap ke aangan mein..

Aaya hain yeh tyohaar kushiyan leke…..
Har kushi saaje es saal aapke aangan mein.

Roshni se ho roshan har lamha aap ka,
Har Roshni saaje es saal aapke aangan mein.

Dua hum karte hain aap salamat rahe,
Har dua saaje es saal aap ke aangan mein….!

Happy Deepavali 2019



Happy Diwali Quotes Wishes Msg Status for Whatsapp & Fb


Diwali is the festival of joy,
Let us welcome our prince Lord Rama
With rangoli, Diyas and Candles

Happy Diwali To You and Your Family


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Special Funny Diwali Sms in Hindi


Saal bhar padosiyo ko bhale hi muh na dikhaye
Par diwali ke din mithayiya khane jaroor jaaye :p



Happy Deepawali Wishes


Updated :-



May the holy trinity of
Shiv, Vishnu and Brahma
bless your and your family and
Laxmi fill your home with love,
peace and prosperity!
Wish you a very happy Diwali!




Open your doors to the footsteps of Lakshmi,
Open your mind to the wisdom of Ganesha
And open your inbox for the wishes from a friend.
Sending you loads of hugs and goodwill.
A very happy and memorable Diwali to you all!




दीपावली आए तो रंगी रंगोली, दीप जलाए,
धूम धड़ाका, छोड़ा पटाखा,
जली फुलझडि़यां सबको भाए..
आप सबको दीपावली की शुभकामनाएं!




श्री राम जी आपके संसार में
सुख की बरसात करें,
और दुखों का नाश करें
प्रेम की फुलझड़ी से
आपका घर आंगन रौशन हो
आपको दीपावली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं!




आए अमावस्या की सुहानी रात
माँ लक्ष्मी का आशीर्वाद
जगमगाते दीपों के साथ
धरती पर चमकते सितारों की बारात
शुभ दीपावली 2019



Hindi is the national language of India and is the third most spoken language in the world. India is also known for the festivals that occur in it throughout the year. Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals among the other festivals celebrated in India. In Diwali people usually clean their houses and dress nicely to celebrate the Diwali evening. Diwali is said to be the day in which the nights are brighter than any other day. People usually burn crackers and light diyas to celebrate this festival. People start the day by showering Diwali wishes to friends and family members. Indians generally wish each other in Hindi as well. Diwali wishes in Hindi can be easily available from the internet. You can easily download them and wish your friends and family members with the Diwali wishes in Hindi or can simply put them as your status update.

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दुःख, दर्द, उदासी से हर दिल महरूम रहे | हैप्पी दिवाली 2019

हर घर में दिवाली हो, हर घर में दिया जले
जब तक ये रहे दुनिया जब तक संसार चले
दुःख, दर्द, उदासी से हर दिल महरूम रहे
पग पग उजियालो में जीवन की ज्योति जले

दिवाली मुबारक हो दोस्तों

~ sunil

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Deepavali par khushiyo ke deep jale

“ हो मुबारक ये त्यौहार आपको दीपावली का
ज़िन्दगी का हर पल मिले आपको खुशहाली का

प्यार के जुगनू जले, प्यार की हो फुलझड़िया
प्यार के फूल खिले, प्यार की हो पंखुड़िया

प्यार की  बंसी बजे,  प्यार  की हो शहनाईया…
खुशियो के दीप जले, दुःख कभी न ले अंगड़ाईयां ”


आपको और आपके परिवार को दिवाली की हार्दिक बधाईया

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Happy Diwali Quotes in English

On this Diwali, wish to your friends, family and your dear ones with our beautiful collection of Best Happy Diwali Quotes in English for Diwali Wishes Messages. This year Diwali is celebrated on 27th Oct in India. Diwali itself a synonym for Lights, Happiness, colors, love, affection. On Diwali, Lord Shri Rama returned to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana. Hence people of Ayodhya lit up lamps to welcome Lord Ram to home. People decorating their houses with clay diyas, lights and beautiful rangolis in front of the house, burst crackers, send Diwali wishes to each other. Here we are providing Short Happy Deepavali Quotes for Friends, One Line Diwali Status for WhatsApp & Facebook, Special Diwali Wishes Quotes for Deepavali Greetings and many more. Wish you Happy Diwali 2019  🙂

One Liner Happy Diwali Quotes in English | Diwali Sayings

Happy Diwali Quotes in English


1) May you be blessed with happiness and well being to last through the year.

Happy Diwali



2) With gleam of Diya’s
And the Echo of the Chants
May Happiness and Contentment Fill Your life.

Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali



3) This Diwali, may you be blessed with good fortune as long as Ganesha’s trunk,
wealth and prosperity as big as his stomach, happiness as sweet as his ladoos
and may your trouble be as small as his mouse.

Happy Diwali To All



4) A festival full of sweet childhood memories,
sky full of fireworks,
mouth full of sweets,
house full of diyas and heart full of joy.

Wishing you all a very Prosperous Diwali


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5) As you celebrate this holy occasion, you are wished the brightest moments
That Diwali can bring, lots of love and laughter to fill your days with cheer
and a New year that is sure to bring you, the best of everything.



6) On Diwali, wishes for every joy and prosperity. Here’s hoping, that the
beauty of this festival of lights, bring a world of joy, happiness and
contentment to you, to last the whole year through.

Happy Diwali



7) As your celebrate this holy occasion, the most loving thoughts and wishes are
for you… May the beauty of Diwali fill your world and your heart and may
the love that is always yours, bring you endless joy.

Have A Wonderful Diwali And New Year


8) A warm Diwali wish for every happiness. May the warmth and splendor, that are
a part of this auspicious occasion, fill your life with happiness and bright
cheer, and bring to you joy and prosperity, for the whole year.



9) There’s always something warm and bright, about this time of the year, when
everything has a special glow, and hearts are full of cheer, that’s why, this
special greeting comes your way, to wish you all life’s best, on Diwali and
in the coming year, too.



10) May the warmth and splendor, that are a part of this auspicious occasion,
fill your life with happiness and bright cheer, and bring to you joy and
prosperity, for the whole year.



11) On Diwali, I wanted to send you wishes for a year filled with prosperity,
health and lots of fun!

Hope you have a happy Diwali



12) Have a prosperous Diwali. Hope this festival of lights, brings you every joy
and happiness. May the lamps of joy, illuminate your life and fill your days
with the bright sparkles of peace, mirth and goodwill, because you are
someone who deserves life’s best and so much more.

Have a joyous Diwali and New year.



13) May the festival of lights be the harbinger of joy and prosperity. As the
holy occasion of Diwali is here and the atmosphere is filled with the spirit
of mirth and love, here’s hoping this festival of beauty brings your way,
bright sparkles of contentment, that stay with you through the days ahead.

Best wishes on Diwali and New year.



Updated  :-


Happy Deepavali Quotes, Blessings Wishes

Diwali, prominently called Deepavali in a few sections of India, is a festival which we as a whole ache for consistently. The arrangements for Deepavali begin sometime before the festival date. To begin with, the energy for us would be the new dresses that are purchased to be worn for Deepavali. The other significant energy for Deepavali is the blasting of wafers and firecrackers. Now is the ideal time again to enlighten the house and heart as Diwali, the festival of lights is moving toward all again for a happy celebration this year. So open your heart to express your generous Diwali wishes to your loved ones with astounding Diwali Quotes that are only for meant to spread love among your loved ones during Diwali. These Diwali wishes quotes are written in such a way that you can send these quotes to any of the age group.


Deepavali Quotes



14) The truth is that existence wants your life to become a festival…because when you are unhappy, you also throw unhappiness all around.


15) Diwali is a joyful celebration of the victory of good over evil, of our spiritual qualities dominating our basic instincts, and of intellect conquering ego.



16) Let’s celebrate this Diwali with more Lights than noise, simply because of the fact that noise and sounds die down early while Light still remains.



17) May the Supreme Light illumine your minds, enlighten your hearts, and strengthen the human bonds in your homes and communities.



18) All the lights of the world cannot be compared even to a ray of the inner light of the Self. Merge yourself in this light of lights and enjoy the supreme Deepavali.



19) Ram! The light of lights, the self-luminous inner light of the Self is ever shining steadily in the chamber of your heart. Fix the mind on this supreme light and enjoy the real Deepavali, by attaining illumination of the soul.



20) The sun does not shine there, nor do the moon and the stars, nor do lightning shine? All the diyas of the world cannot be compared even to a ray of the inner light of the Self. Merge yourself in this light of lights and enjoy the Happy Diwali.



Diwali is the celebration of lights and firecracker. It comes after Durga Puja as the winter sets in. In West Bengal, some parts of northeast India and some different places in North India Goddess Kali is adored amid the Diwali. As the lights keep away the darkness, Goddess Kali heads out the underhanded powers in our reality. Incredible executions are made for this celebration. Everybody begins making plan one month prior to Diwali, new garments are bought, and houses are cleaned and enlivened with lights, blossoms and so forth. Individuals call and welcome their closest and dearest ones. There are various Diwali quotes and sayings that can be found on the internet easily. You can download them and share them with your friends and closed ones. You can also post them as status update.

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Sad Diwali Sms in Hindi, Sad Shayari Quotes

Send warm and Heart Touching Sad Diwali Sms & Messages for a loved one who is far away from you, This Diwali Sad Sms collection is for those people who are alone and missing our love. These collection having the perfact words to say to your close one that how much you are missing him/ her on this Diwali. Here you’ll get Miss You Diwali Sms in Hindi, Dard Bhari Diwali Shayari for Her & Him, Missing U Messages for Girlfriend & Boyfriend, Diwali Sad Shayari & Sad WhatsApp Status for Lonely Girls & Boys and many more.

Very Sad Diwali Sms in Hindi 2019 | Diwali Sad Shayari Quotes

Sad Diwali Shayari


1) Sad Diwali Sms in Hindi 2019


आसानी से दिल लगाए जाते हैं,
मगर मुश्किल से वादे निभाए जाते हैं
मोहब्बत ले आती हैं उन राहों पे,
जहाँ दियो के बदले दिल जलाये जाते हैं



2) Dard Bhari Diwali Sad Shayari for Girlfriend


दिवाली तुम भी मनाते हो,
दिवाली हम भी मनाते हैं,
बस फ़र्क़ सिर्फ इतना हैं की,
हम तो दिए जलाते हैं,
और तुम दिल जलाते हो



3) Very Sad Diwali Love Sms for Her or Him


ज़माने भर की याद में मुझे ना भुला देना,
जब कभी याद आये तो ज़रा मुस्कुरा देना,
ज़िंदा रहे तो फिर मिलेंगे,
वरना दिवाली में एक दिया मेरे नाम का भी जला देना




4) Diwali Sad Shayari Messages Quotes for Boyfriend


रौशनी भी होगी, होंगे चिराग भी,
आवाज़ भी होगी, होंगे साज़ भी
पर ना होगी उसकी परछाई, ना उसकी आहट
बहुत सूनी होगी ये दिवाली
बिन सनम कैसे मिलेगी मुझे राहट

I Miss You



Updated :-

sad diwali sms in hindi


5) Heart Touching Sad Diwali Shayari for Him


Bin sanam kaise hum diwali manaye
Tanhai me khushi k deep kaise jalaye
Diyo ki roshani se jalata hai mera dil
Kehdo in diyo se ye diwali na manaye



6) 2 Line Sad Diwali Status in Hindi for WhatsApp


झिलमिलाते दियो की रौशनी से सजी ये महफ़िल बड़ा सताती हैं
उसके साथ बनायीं वो दिवाली मुझे बहुत याद आती हैं…… |



7) Painful Diwali Sad Sms in Hindi


Yeh Raat hai roshan aur chirag jhilmila rahe hain
Khush hai wo to khushiya hum bhi mana rahe hain
Bhulakar mohabbat apani apani ek duje ke liye
Diwali wo b mana rahe hai diwali hum b mana rahe hai



8) Diwali Sad Message for Broken Heart

Sad Love Diwali Shayari for GF BF


रात दिवाली की है मगर किस्मत में अँधेरा हैं,
ना चाहते थे गम के बादल, ना आया सवेरा हैं,
जुदा हमारा होना यूँ लिखा लकीरो में था मगर
इस में कसूर-ए-सनम ना तेरा ना मेरा हैं…



9) सुनी सुनी दिवाली अपने प्रेमी के इंतजार में दिवाली दर्द कविता 


अनोखे रंगो में लिप्त आज दिवाली की ये रात निराली हैं
गली गली है रौशनी, और हर तरफ बस खुशहाली हैं

है खूब हासिल यूँ तो रोनके मेरी नजरो को भी
पर तू नहीं सामने तो जैसे आंखें भी खाली खाली हैं

काश की इंतजार के इन नरम लम्हों में आ जाये तू
की तेरे बगैर लगती बड़ी ही सुनी सुनी सी ये दिवाली हैं

I Miss You My Love


ये जरूर देखियेदीपावली फोटोज व्हाट्सप्प के लिए

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Deepawali Blessings in Hindi

आज फिर से प्रकाश की अंधकार पर जीत होगी

दीपो की माला से सजती ये धरती,
एक नयी दुल्हन सी शोभित होगी,

सुने पड़े किसी कोने को भी आज अपने होने का एहसास होगा
उसको भी तो आज की रात किसी दीये का इंतजार होगा

हर घर में उजाला, हर गली में उल्लास होगा
गणेश जी की होगी पूजा, लक्ष्मी जी का श्रँगार होगा

छोटा हो या बड़ा सबमे उमंग और उत्साह होगा
सुनकर सजती बालाओं को अपने पतिओं का इंतजार होगा

आज की रात तो आसमान भी धरती का दीदार करता होगा,
खूब मनाओ खुशियाँ जी भर ये मत सोचो कल क्या होगा

एक साल में एक बार ही आता ये त्यौहार निराला,
मधुशाला की सेर लगाओ, पी आओ मस्ती का प्याला

आप सभी को दीपावली का ये त्यौहार मुबारक हो

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दीपावली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं भरी शायरी

दीपक की ज्योति से आपको जीवन में उजाला मिले
दिवाली की मिठाईयों से ज्यादा रिश्तो में मिठास बने
इस दीपावली लक्ष्मी जी आपसे इतने खुश हो के…
हर दिन, हर पल, हर लम्हा आपका हर काम बने

दीपावली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं

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Diwali Love Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend

Tum kyu aise khoyi-khoyi si rahti ho ?
Tum kyu aise ghum-shum si rahti ho ?

Konsa gum h tumhe jo sabse chipati ho ?
Kisliye har baat par apna jee jalati ho ?

Kyu aaj tak tumne kisi ko apna banaya nahi ?
Kyu tumhe kisi ne hasna sikhaya nahi?

Ek bar muskurane se koi gunah nahi ho jayega
Haal-e-dil sunane se koi qayamat nai aa jayegi

Aye Mallika-e-husn ek bar idhar bhi to dek,
Meri agr Eid hogi to teri bhi Diwali ho jayegi

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Motivational Diwali Poem in Hindi for The Indians

जगमग दिये की तरह, जलते रहो तुम सारी उम्र
मन में छुपे अंधेरों को, खलते रहो तुम सारी उम्र

रौशनी की रात आई है, खुशियों की सौगात लाई है
देखो आज ज़मीन पर यूँ, सितारों की बारात आई है

दिवाली के पटाखों की तरह, दर्द के छाले फोड़ दो
हो बुराई जितनी भी मन में, आज तुम सब छोड़ दो

आओ बनाएं एक नया जहां, ना रहे कोई मजबूर जहाँ
जगमगाते रहे यूँही हम सब, दुखों का हो फिर दूर जहां

दीपावली के मौके पर, स्वच्छता की शपथ ले हम
अपने प्यारे भारतवर्ष में, एकता की शपथ ले हम

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