Colorful Happy Holi Sms Messages 2017 Wishes Shayari

Holi is very near and is on 12 March 2017 and 13 march 2017. Preparation had already started for Holi as there are not many days left.  Before the day of Holi people plan about their Holi celebration. Some people celebrate Holi by throwing colors, water balloons and by using pichkaris while some other celebrate this day over a long drive. Some people especially the women decorate their homes with beautiful designs and alpanas with Holi colors. The day of Holi festival ends with a great lunch or dinner at a restaurant. Holi is celebrated as Dol Purnima in some parts of India in the commemoration of love for Radha by lord Krishna. You can wish with Holi Shayari/SMS to the people who are living at a distant place. You can easily find Holi Shayari/Sms in Hindi, English, Bengali and various languages. You can also copy them and paste them as your status update.

Indian Festival of Colors | Happy Holi Sms Wishes 2017 Messages

happy holi 2017

1) Happy Holi Sms in Hindi for Friend


Ye jo rango ka tyohar hai
Es din na hue lal pile
To zindagi bekar hain.
Rang lagana to itna pakka lgana
Jitna pakka tu mera yaar hai..!!

Happy Holi Friends


2) Lovely Happy Holi Wishes for Family


Auspicious red.
Sun kissed gold.
Soothing silver.
Pretty purple.
Blissful blue.
Forever green.
I wish you and all family members
The most colorful Holi.

Wish You Happy Holi


3) Happy Holi Wishes in Hindi


Basant ritu ki bahar
Chali picthkari uda hain gulaal
Rang barse hain neele hare laal
Badhyi ho appko holi ka tyohar.

Happy Holi 2017


4) Cute Happy Holi Sms in English


Celebrating the colors
Of our beautiful relationship,
I wish you and your family
All the bright hues of life.

Have a Colorful Holi !


5) Beautiful Happy Holi Shayari in Hindi


Khuda kare har saal chand ban k aye,
Din ka ujala aapki shaan ban ke aaye,
Gulaal ki mehak mehkaye har rishta,
Holi ka har rang de apko itni khushiya.

Happy Holi 2017


6) Happy Holi Messages in English


Moments of Holi are to be celebrated together
So that the memories can be relished later
These are the memories I wish to live with forever
Have a wonderful and colorful happy holi forever.

Wishing You Happy Holi


7) Happy Holi Special Sms Msg Quotes


Aise manana holi ka tyohar
Pichkari se barse sirf pyar.
Ye hai mauka apno se gale mitane ka
To gulal or rang lekar ho jao taiyar 🙂

Happy Holi 2017


Happy Maha Shivratri Shayari

Happy Maha Shivratri Shayari in Hindi, शुभ महाशिवरात्रि शायरी


शिव की बनी रहे आप पर छाया,
पलट दे जो आपकी किस्मत की काया;
मिले आपको वो सब अपनी ज़िन्दगी में,
जो कभी किसी ने भी न पाया!

शिवरात्रि की हार्दिक शुभकामनायें!


See – होली शायरी


शिव की महिमा अपरं पार;
शिव करते सबका उद्धार;
उनकी कृपा आप पर सदा बनी रहे;
और आपके जीवन में आयें खुशियाँ हज़ार।

बम भोले डमरू वाले शिव का प्यारा नाम है
भक्तो पे दर्श दिखता हरी का प्यारा नाम है
शिव जी की जिसने दिल से है की पूजा
शंकर भगवान ने उसका सवारा काम है!

हेप्पी शिवरात्रि!


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शिव की शक्ति से;
शिव की भक्ति से;
खुशियों की बहार मिले;
महादेव की कृपा से;
आप सब दोस्तों को जिंदगी में प्यार मिले।
महाशिवरात्रि के पावन अफसर पर शुभ कामनाएं!


पी के भांग ज़मा लो रंग;
ज़िन्दगी बीते खुशियों के संग;
लेकर नाम शिव भोले का;
दिल में भरलो शिवरात्रि की उमंग।
आपके सभी परिजनों को शुभ महाशिवरात्रि।


शंकर की ज्योति से नूर मिलता है;
भक्तों के दिलों को सकूं मिलता है;
शिव के द्वार आता है जो भी;
सबको फल जरूर मिलता है।
शुभ महाशिवरात्रि।


शिव की ज्योति से प्रकाश बढ़ता हैं
जो भी जाता हैं भोले के द्वार
कुछ न कुछ उसको जरूर मिलता हैं

हर हर महादेव


ॐ में ही आस्था
ॐ में ही विश्वास
ॐ में ही शक्ति
ॐ में ही सारा संसार
ॐ से ही होती हैं अच्छे दिन की शुरुआत

जय शिव शंकर

Happy Mahashivaratri


बम भोले डमरू वाले शिव का प्यारा नाम हैं
भक्तो पे दर्श दिखाता हरी का प्यारा नाम हैं
शिव शम्भू की जिसने दिल से हैं की पूजा
शंकर भगवान ने उसका संवारा काम हैं|


Shiv Satya Hai, Shiv Anant Hai,
Shiv Anadi Hai, Shiv Bhagwant Hai,
Shiv Omkar Hai, Shv Bramh Hai,
Shiv Shakti Hai, Shiv Bhakti Hai,
Aao Bhagwan Shiv Ka Naman Kare,
Unka Aashirwad Hamesha Hum Par Rahe…!!!

Har Har Mahadev


सारा जहाँ हैं जिसकी शरण में
नमन हैं उस भोले के चरण में
बने उस भोले के चरणों की धुल
आओ मिलके चढ़ाये चरणों में
उनके हम दिल से श्रद्धा के फूल


भोले बाबा का आशीर्वाद मिले आपको,
उनकी दुआ का प्रसाद मिले आपको,
आप करे अपनी जिन्दगी में खूब तरक्की,
और हर किसी का प्यार मिले आपको.
जय भोले शिव शंकर बाबा की जय.


. . . .”$”. . .
. “{ = = }”
. “{ = = }”
. “{ = = }”
एक पुष्पं
एक बेल पत्रं
एक लोटा जल की धार
करदे सबका उद्धार, जय भोले बम-बम भोले.


भोले की लीला में मुझको डूब जाने दो
शिव जी के चरणों में शीश झुकाने दो
आज है शिवरात्रि मेरे भोले बाबा का दिन
आज के दिन मुझे भोले के गीत गाने दो


बम भोले डमरू वाले शिव का प्यारा नाम है
भक्तो पे दर्श दिखता हरी का प्यारा नाम है
शिव जी की जिसने दिल से है की पूजा
शंकर भगवान ने उसका सवारा काम है!
हेप्पी शिवरात्रि!

Happy New Year Wishes for Father 2017 from Children

Awesome Happy New Year Wishes Messages Quotes for Father with Greetings Images

Happy New Year Wishes for Father


1) Sweet Happy New Year Wishes for Father

O My Loving Father!
May this new year bring many opportunities your way,
To explore every joy of life and may your resolutions
For the days ahead stay firm, turning all your dreams
Into reality and all your efforts into great achievements.

Happy New Year Father


2) Beautiful New Year Messages for Dad

Dad, thanks for everything
That you have done
You are to me
What to earth is the sun.

Happy New Year Dad


3) Lovely 2017 New Year Quotes from Kids

Dad, for working so hard,
For being the best provider,
And for being me protector,
I thank you so much.
I wish you’ll have good health and
More blessings to come.

Happy New Year to You


4) Cute New Year SMS by Children’s

Dreams, which I thought
Were impossible to achieve,
Have now come true and
It is all because of you,
The teachings and values that
You instilled in me in these years.
Make 2017 more beautiful with
Your Love, Support and Care.

Wish You Happy New Year Dad


5) Happy New Year Quotes for Dad

You carried me in your arms
When you were young.
I will carry you when
You are old and
I will carry you
In my heart until I die.
Thanks for everything dad.

Happy New Year Father


6) Sweet 2017 New Year Wishes for Dad


I will never be able to repay you back
For the pains you took throughout
These years to make me the person I am today.
All I can say you on the New Year is thanks
And hope you will remain by my side
To help me achieve great things.

Happy New Year 2017


7) New Year Message for Father


You held my fingers
When I was born with love.
You held my hand not letting me fall
When I started walking with concern.
Let’s hold hands once again
Welcoming a new year, dad.

Wishing You A Very Happy New Year 2017

Lovely Happy New Year Wishes for Mother 2017 Messages from Kids

Happy New Year Wishes for Mother 2017 Messages Quotes from Children

Happy New Year Wishes for Mother


1) Beautiful New Year Wishes for Mom

A Mom like you is the sweetest gift
That God has ever given me.
I thank Him for sending an angel
Who is always beside me.
You are the best among the rest.
I love you Mom.

Happy New Year 2017


2) Sweet Happy New Year Message for Mother

You are my first love
And you are my world.
Each passing year,
We may be growing old.
Just wanted t? tell you
No matter how old we get,
I would like to spend
Each and every year of
My life with you Mom.


3) Cute New Year Quotes for Mom by Childrens

May your every day be filled
With the warmth of sunshine,
The happiness of smiles,
The sounds of laughter,
The feeling of love and
The sharing of good cheer.

Wishing You Happy New Year


4) Happy New Year Sms for Mother by Kids

The warmth of your embrace
The picture of your smile
The tenderness of your love
I always feel safe and sound
Every time you are around
You’re the best Mom.

Wish You Happy New Year Mother


5) New Year Wishes for Mother by Daughter

Life without you is like
Walking in a dark tunnel
But because of your light,
I know that I can make it through
That’s why saying thank You will
Never be enough to thank you
For everything you do….

Wish You Happy New Year Mom


6) 2017 Happy New Year Message for Mom by Son

Mothers have a way
To understand unsaid things
Words we lack to say
So on New Year day  for you
My wishes and deep affection

Happy New Year 2017 Mom


7) Happy 2017 New Year Quotes for Mother

At the very beginning of a new year,
I would like to express my gratitude
For the unconditional love
You have always given to me
Ever since I was a toddler.
Have a prosperous year full of blessings.

Happy New Year to you Mother

Best Sad New Year Quotes and Sayings 2017 | Sad Status about Love

Best Sad New Year Quotes and Sayings 2017 | Sad Status for Girlfriend Boyfriend

Sad New Year Quotes and Sayings

Sad New Year Quotes and Sayings


1) Dear Luck, can we be friends in 2017 Please..

2) I am not happy without you…on this New Year Eve.

3) In 2016, He broke my heart. In 2017, He will be just a memory.

4) Sadness is when your best friend gets another best friend on New Year.

5) If you see a friend without a smile on New Year eve; give him one of yours.

6) The most painful memory of New Year Eve.. when I walked away and you let me go.

7) There is nothing sadder in this world than to awake on Christmas morning and not be a child.

8) So many People are lonely on this year’s last day because they build walls instead of bridges.

9) Love can’t be prove with New Year resolution, promises or presents….Sometimes, only pain and patience can prove it.

10) Everyone thinks that “I m happy and fine on this New Year Eve” but look a li’l closer, you will see tears in my eyes.

11) Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, young or old alike, And today may be the last chance you get to hold your loved one tight.

12) Just because we don’t have together on this 31st Dec. Eve, doesn’t mean we don’t love each other, Miss you a lot and Happy New Year.


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13) The worst thing about this year was losing you.

14) Maturity is when you realize that new year won’t change your life.

15) Many people look forward to the New Year for a new start with old memories

16) I would say happy new year but it’s not happy; it’s exactly the same as last year except colder

17) Every year I make a resolution to change myself… this year making a resolution to be myself!

18)It’s sad when you realize that on New Year you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were.


Happy Karwa Chauth Message for Husband & Wife

On this Karwa Chauth 2016, send your warm wishes to your beloved with our cute lovely collection of Happy Karwa Chauth Message for Husband & Wife. As we know that Karwa Chauth is a one day Indian festival celebrated by Indian Married Women & Girls for the long life of their husband & fiances. The fasting of Karwa Chauth is strict and observed without taking any food or even a drop of water after sunrise till the sighting of the moon in the night. Here with this collection, say Happy Karwa Chauth to your wife & hubby. Here we’ve added Karwa Chauth Love Shayari in Hindi for Her & Him, Cute Romantic Happy Karwa Chauth Love Messages, Special Karwa Chauth Sms in Hindi Language and many more. Wish you Happy Karwa Chauth 2016  🙂

Lovable Happy Karwa Chauth Message for Husband & Wife in Hindi & English

Happy Karwa Chauth Message for Husband & Wife

Happy Karwa Chauth Messages for Husband & Wife


Happy Karwa Chauth Wishes for Husband or Fiance from Loving Wife


1) Happy Karwa Chauth Wishes in Hindi


Aaj ka din bada khaas hai,
Aap ke aane ki aas hai,
Thodi bhook thodi pyaas hai,
Aap nahi bas aapka aehsaas hai
Happy Karwachauth


2) Happy Karwa Chauth Sms in English


I never wanted the stars,
Never shot for the moon,
I like them right where they are
All I wanted was You !
Happy Karwa Chauth


3) Happy Karwa Chauth Shayari for Husband


Karwa Chauth ka paavan vrat
Aapke liye maine kiya hai kyunki
Aap hi ke prem aur samman ne
Jeewan ko naya rang diya hai.
Happy Karwa Choth


4) Happy Karwa Chauth Message for Husband


Like the Moon n Twinkling stars,
Why are perfect the way you are.
So close your eyes and wait for me,
Then u’ll see you are the one for me
Happy Karva Chauth


5) Happy Karva Chauth Sms in Hindi


Jab tak na dekhey chahera aap ka,
Na safal ho yeh tyohaar hamara,
Aapke bina adhura hai jivan hamara,
Jaldi aao, dikha do apni surat,
Aur kar do karva chauth safal hamara.



Cute Romantic Happy Karwa Chauth Wishes for Wife or Fiancee


1) Happy Karwa Chauth Wishes for Wife


Karwachauth ka din hai,
Tumhaari yaadon se bhare hai hum
Tum bin zindagi kitni berang hogi,
Ye soch ke kayi baar dare hai hum.


2) I Love You Message for Wife on Karwa Chauth


You love me and I love you,
We are lovers and best friends too,
On this Karwachauth I just wanna say
Thank you darling for coming my way


3) Happy Karwa Chauth Sms for Wife about Chand


Aaj fir aaya hai mausam pyar ka,
Na jane kab hoga deedar chand ka,
Piya milan ki raat hai aisi aayi,
Aaj fir nikhrega roop mere yaar ka


4) Happy Karwa Chauth Message for Wife


Its day of fast my wife
I know you care for my life
Though I can eat
But believe I did not take any wheat
I as Husband cares of your
Every moment I love you More .. More More
Happy Karwa Chauth to my darling wife….

Best Dasara Msg about Ravan 2016 | Hindi Dussehra Poem

Best Dasara Msg about Ravan 2016 | Hindi Dussehra Poem with Image

dasara msg


1) Sad Dussehra Message about Ravan

मैंने महसूस किया है
उस जलते हुए रावण का दुःख
जो सामने खड़ी भीड़ से
बारबार पूछ रहा था…..
“तुम में से कोई राम है क्या..??


2) Inspiring Dasara Message for Shri Ram

शान्ति अमन के इस देश से अब
बुराई को मिटाना होगा
आतंकी रावण का दहन करने
आज फिर से श्री राम को आना होगा


3) Beautiful Poem In Hindi about Ravan

इस समय लोग रावण भी हो जाये वही बहुत हैं,
रावण बनना भी कहां आसान ….

रावण में अहंकार था तो पश्चाताप भी था
रावण में वासना थी तो संयम भी था

रावण में सीता के अपहरण की ताकत थी
तो बिना सहमति परस्त्री को स्पर्श भी न करने का संकल्प भी था,

सीता जीवित मिली ये राम की ही ताकत थी..
पर सीता पवित्र मिली ये रावण की भी मर्यादा थी

राम, तुम्हारे युग का रावण अच्छा था..
दस के दस चेहरे, सब “बाहर” रखता था…!!


4) Happy Dussehra Poetry in Hindi Characters

किस्सा एक पुराना दोस्तो लंका मे था रावण,
राजा एक महा अभिमानी कांपता जिससे कण-कण।
उस अभिमानी रावण ने था सबको खूब सताया,
रामचंद्र जब आये वन में सीता को हर लाया।

झलमल-झलमल सोने की लंका पैरो पर झुकती,
और काल की गति भी भाई उसके आगे रूकती।
सुंदर थी लंका, लंका में सोना ही सोना था,
लेकिन पुन्य नही, पापों का भरा हुआ दोना था।

तभी राम आए बन्दर भालू की लेकर सेना,
साध निशाना सच्चाई का तीर चलाया पैना।
लोभ-पाप की लंका धू-धू जलकर हो गई राख,
दीए जले थे तब धरती पर अनगीन, लाखों-लाख।

इसलिए तो आज धूम है रावण आज मरा था,
कटे शीश दस बारी-बारी उतरा भार धरा का।
लेकिन सोचो, कोई रावण फिर छल न कर पाए,
कोई अभिमानी न फिर से काला राज चलाए।
तब होगी सच्ची दीवाली होगा तभी दशहरा,
जगमग-जगमग होगा तब फिर सच्चाई का चेहरा।

Happy Vijaya Dashami Wishes 2016 | Best Dussehra Sms

Happy Vijaya Dashami Wishes 2016 | Best Dussehra Sms with Beautiful HD Image

vijaya dashami wishes


1) Happy Vijaya Dashami Wishes in English


Before the golden sun rises
Let me decorate each of the
Rays with success & happiness
To you and your family.

Happy Vijaya Dashami


2) Motivational Happy Dasara Sms Hindi


Burai par achchai ki jeet!
Dussehra lata hai ek ummid.
Ravan ki tarah hamare dukhon ka ant ho
Ek nai shuruat ho ek naye savere k saath.

Happy Dasara 2016


3) Happy Dussehra Wishes in English


May this Dussehra,
Light up for you.
The hopes of Happy times,
And dreams for a year full of smiles!
Wish you Happy Dussehra 2016


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4) Happy Dussehra Shayari in Hindi


Ho aapki life khushiyon ka mela,
Kabhi na aaye koi jhamela,
Sada sukhi rahe aapka basera,
We wish you HAPPY DUSHERA.


5) Lovely Happy Dasara Wishes Msg Quotes


Good Health and Success
Ward Off Evil
Lords Blessings
Happy Dussehra
Yummy Dussehra
Triumph Over Evil
Joyous Festive Season
Spirit Of Goodness…

Happy Dasara Friends


6) Beautiful Happy Dussehra Sms in Hindi


Rakshas pe punya ki jeet
Ram ki Seeta se aseemit preet
Ye to ek kaaran bhar hi tha..
Ho vijay satya ki sadaiv yahi hai reet!


7) Sweet Happy Dussehra Messages for Friends


May Lord Rama bless you by eliminating the
D: Devil in
U: Ur life by giving you
S: Splendid and
S: Sparkling
E: Energy which brings
H: Happiness,
R: Riches and
A: Abundance!

Happy Dussehra 2016